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Our story

Who am I ?

I am Sophie Droessaert, always been a creative busy bee with a love for art, culture and crafts.
With a great-grandfather who was a tanner and a grandmother who made all kinds of fur creations in the shadow of the royal palace, the love for natural materials is in my blood. I am happy when leather passes through my hands, when I can combine fabrics or integrate unexpected materials into a leather creation.
A few years ago, in addition to a full-time job and three children, I started a training in maroquinerie or leather craft. The search for suitable and durable material, of which the origin was known, turned out not to be so easy. The idea of ​​formulating an answer to this took shape. Once my graduation collection was a fact and the training was successfully completed, I started an entrepreneurial course at VOKA. The ideas moved from my head to the paper and eventually transformed into a concrete business plan. The Leather Sales was born.

The word “Sales” in The Leather Sales

I was advised not to use the word “Sales” in the company name by several experts. I was told Craft and Sales are not compatible. And yet, the name remained. The more so because I put a lot of time and energy into my purchases and find it important to meeting all my suppliers in person. With The Leather Sales we choose to work with sustainable European tanneries that are conscious of the welbeing of their employees and the environment. This includes larger tanneries, but also small family businesses that pass on their years of experience and knowledge to the next generation. You will not find leather from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh at The Leather Sales because I cannot guarantee that it was made in a sustainable way, at fair prices, without child labor and without harmful chemical products.


Leather is a sustainable product. Just think of your father's leather jacket that you still wear or have transformed into a bag. Or your grandmother's vintage handbag that was lovingly restored by a leather smith.
With The Leather Sales we contribute to sustainability. The leather we purchase comes from European tanneries that are all certified, this means they continuously invest in improving their environmental performance. This ranges from water purification installations, heat pumps and solar panels to alternative tanning techniques. We also offer deadstock from European tanneries.
The Leather Sales also draws the card of sustainability in our day-to-day operations. For example, our business cards were printed on paper made from agricultural waste. We also continue that line as much as possible in our packaging.

For whom?

Are you a leather worker, a bag maker, a fashion student, a shoe designer, a fan of re-enactment or do you just want to work with leather? At The Leather Sales you will find leather, hard ware for bags, supplies and accessories. A wide range of different types of leather: plain, with print, colorful or rather neutral... we have it in stock. In addition to a basic range, we also offer more distinct collections.
Do you need personal advice or do you want to feel and maybe smell leather, feel free to come by the shop. We're open on:
  • FRIDAY: 14u00 - 19u00
  • SATURDAY: 10u00 - 18u0
  • SUNDAY: 10u00 - 13u00
We are happy to help you. 

Of course you can always shop in our online shop 24/7.

Hope to seeing you soon.

Many creative greetings,

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